When we are under pressure – time pressure, performance pressure and of course the self-pressure to always ‘get it right’, we often reach the point where we lose sight of ourselves. We forget what it is in life that brings us joy and makes us light up. I’m not talking about partners, kids or furry friends here, but rather those activities, hobbies and pastimes, where we just lose ourselves, oblivious to anything outside what engrosses us.

Instead of grabbing those precious free-time moments to do what we love, we spend them in a state of near-collapse, vegging out in front of a screen, simply because we can’t remember what fulfils us.


However, those completely engrossing pastimes where we lose touch with time and the world outside, are the very ones that lift us to a Higher State of Being.  When we are engaged in these we move into Flow.  They are a doorway into our Soul.

Whenever you find yourself in one of these lost moments, go back through your childhood memories and recall what you filled your playtime with, what it was you loved to do back then. Doing this quickly reminds you what you need right now.

Perhaps you immersed yourself in drawing or painting or writing; or you spent the whole summer in the water; maybe you loved going on family drives, experiencing the world beyond the everyday; perhaps you loved to dress up; or to build forts; maybe you loved exploring down by the creek, immersed in nature; or maybe you loved the competition and companionship of cards and boardgames.


When we reconnect to the feelings we experienced in those freer times, our personal pathway to Flow opens.  We recollect HOW we need to take that break in order to return to our centre.


Stay Curious!  Feeding your curiosity feeds your soul, so don’t get bogged down in your memories.  While it’s wonderful to connect with what made you light up in the past, remember, there’s a world of new experience out there.  Be open and challenge yourself with something new, something outside your comfort zone.


These suggestions might spark an idea that you can have fun with.