Catherine Bullard of WomanGetWise serves and guides you to greater wellness of mind, body, emotions and soul
Catherine Bullard of WomanGetWise serves and guides you to greater wellness and wisdom of mind, body, emotions and soul


I’m Catherine,


Holistic health devotee and spiritual adventurer.


I’ve always been drawn to the metaphysical through the natural world and a deep affinity with plants and the cycles of the celestial bodies. But it was only once I had my own children that I discovered natural medicine. As I watched fast, dramatic improvements in my children’s health I very quickly became a devotee of natural medicine as the pathway to holistic health. So, I studied and qualified as a professional Homeopath. Homeopathy remained the cornerstone of the clinic I ran for twenty-five years.

During this time I continued to gain experience and qualifications in many different areas including meditation teacher, life coach, reiki healer and flower essences practitioner, plus others.

I was very grateful to be able to integrate this knowledge into my work, as my natural health and metaphysical knowledge and experience expanded.

It was soon after I began my practice that I grasped the true meaning of “holistic”. I realised many of my patients had blocks of thought and habit which stood in the way of their healing. So, I developed my own treatment method which integrated the knowledge and techniques I’d learned into my work with individual clients and into the many classes and workshops I facilitated. These ranged from “Acute Homeopathy for the Family”, “Natural Wellness for Winter Health”, “Women’s New Moon Circles”, Meditation Groups, “Winter Solstice Alchemy, “Claim Sovereignty for New Year”, “Pendulum Dowsing”, “Body Wisdom” and many more.

Our Story

WomanGetWise evolved over time. Fifteen years ago, I began a natural health and wellness blog to share information and tips that I gave my clients and students. But metaphysical wisdom wasn’t a fit. So, I started WomanGetWise on social media as a gallery for wonderful art and inspirational wisdom.

Interest quickly grew until eventually, needing a place to share mind, body, mystic wellness wisdom with other spiritual adventurers, this website emerged. Finally, both the natural health and metaphysical wisdom were together in one place.

With WGW I’ve returned to that early awareness and understanding that if we are to achieve deep, long-lasting wellness it’s essential we attend to all levels of mind, body, emotions and soul. While food choices and exercise form the starting blocks of good health they don’t get us very far on their own.

Achieving “Whole Health” requires so much more and WGW is where you’ll find that balance and blending of Mind-Body-Mystic-Wellness.

Although this site is called WomanGetWise this is a site for everyone, not just women. If you find it difficult to reconcile, think of it as connecting with the inner feminine wisdom through the outer masculine action!


Practical guidance

  • Amplify intuition
  • Achieve greater wellness
  • Re-set your healing
  • Navigate challenges
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Down-to-earth spirituality
  • Generate sovereignty



Shift the limiting core beliefs that hold you back from expanding holistically into greater wellness, spiritual awareness and your True Self.


Call your inner child out to play in this abundant garden. Allow your curiosity to run free to explore. Dive in! Know that whatever catches your attention is what your mind, body and soul needs in this moment for right growth.


Articles, worksheets, quizzes, thoughts, videos and more to expand your spiritual growth, build your health naturally, change limiting beliefs, inspire your inner creative and much more. New content is always arriving.


My greatest source of inspiration is the knowledge that within ourselves we already hold all the wisdom needed to keep us in full health of mind, body and soul. The key is in knowing how to access, recognise and trust the guidance we receive, and then to bring that wisdom down into a grounded reality.

We are here to experience and learn from the material realm. To do that fully we need to maintain a connection to the Earth. Woman Get Wise is my way to support you in that process to reconnect with your inner wisdom.

Catherine Bullard

Founder, WomanGetWise

What is WGW

WGW is a portal away from the clamoring online noise to delve into the profound realms of metaphysical knowledge and holistic wellness. Our website is a sanctuary for those seeking to understand the intricate tapestry of the universe and their place within it.

Here you can explore timeless wisdom, receive guidance for nurturing the mind, body and spirit, and discover practical insights on achieving a balanced and enlightened existence in a modern world. Escape from the world to this peaceful haven to breathe and grow.

Make The World a Better Place

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”             ~  Mahatma Gandhi

We mirror the world, as the world also mirrors us. What we observe in the world is simply a reflection of what exists, seen or unseen, within us.

Trying to change the world without changing ourselves is pointless. The process begins within. To create positive change in the world we must first change our inner world.

To see greater awareness in the world we must employ keener awareness. To see more love, we must cultivate love. For more compassion we must develop compassion in ourselves. To build a healthier world we must first attend to our own health and wellness.


Often, we procrastinate or even avoid doing the inner work because it can be hard. But to create transformation we need to go deeper than simply visualising or hoping for a better world.  We must do the challenging inner work needed to create real change.

The world needs our help. Are you ready?

It’s time for you to get started.

Dive in, explore and
have fun.