“Spring is the season of potential; new buds and tender shoots invite us to open ourselves to faith in possibilities. Summer is a season of growth and reward, as we see our labor come to fruition, pick the first tomato and zucchini and appreciate what several months of patience have brought.  Fall, on the other hand, signifies harvest, a time for slowing down and preparing for a period of rest.  Every season of the year offers us a mindset for contemplating the garden within our relationships and ourselves.

Just as the soil of the garden holds the seeds, bulbs and roots of the plants including weeds, that we see above ground, so your heart holds the daily burdens, the stresses of life, the challenges that face us all – especially those that awaken us in the middle of the night.

Use the garden metaphor as a starting point from which to expand and explore new ways of seeing yourself and your life.  What would it be like to be open to life in a new way?  To start accepting yourself rather than judging?  To truly believe in yourself, so that you can thrive with faith and patience?  Sometimes it takes us a while to realize certain behaviors or mindsets aren’t working and that we can’t solve yesterday’s problems with old ideas or actions.

Start to see yourself with new possibilities and hear the whisper, “grow, grow”.”

~ Jerry Braza, from The Seeds of Love