Tonight is Solstice – Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere and Summer Solstice in the Northern.  With Solstice comes a thinning of the veil between Spirit and Matter.

Just as the natural world responds to the energy and light at Solstice, we too can feel the energetic shifts if we tune in.  So set aside time to do this simple Solstice ritual today or tomorrow.

Retreat somewhere in nature where you can use these potent energies to harmoniously tune into the rhythm of the Earth. Settle, and ground yourself through your steady, deep breath.

After a few breaths, take your awareness to your feet and become aware of their connection with the earth. Notice the energy moving between you and Mother Earth. It may feel like a warmth, tingling, movement or a sense of solid stability. As you make that connection feel the energy rise from the Earth and travel through your whole body.

Bring your awareness back to your breath. As you maintain the connection with the Earth become aware of your connection to Source through your Heart Centre.  As you merge with both Earth and Spirit become aware of the bridge you have created between the two, the rainbow bridge, and know that you ARE this bridge and that both Matter and Spirit reside in you.

As you continue to breathe deeply become conscious of the rhythm of your breath bringing restorative and healing energy to recharge you.

This Solstice practice connects you to Spirit, the Earth and nature, and to all other living entities

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