Today’s grounded New Moon falls in the sign of Virgo.  Earthy Virgo is all about creating wholeness within, and this New Moon energy encourages us to formulate an intention to become complete within ourselves.

New Moon is a time to commit to new goals and under this Virgo influence we are encouraged to get organised and create routines that improve our health and wellness and support us in our daily life.  The energies provide a potent opportunity to sow the seed for new projects that require care, precision and attention to detail.

This is an ideal time for clearing out any excess, or clutter, in our life.  As we journey through life we are able to identify that which is truly meaningful through experiencing many things, most of which prove NOT to hold any meaning or value for us.  Virgo energy invites us to eliminate all the excess, all that we no longer need, so we can move forward in wholeness on a positive pathway for success.

Virgo draws our attention to our state of health.  Are you practicing self care? Are there practices you could change to improve your wellness?  Use this Virgo energy to examine your mindset and practices in detail and to assess whether they support your health and wellbeing.  Be guided by whatever you uncover to make conscious adjustments needed to support your wellness.

If you have been feeling like you’re drowning under an information overload, this New Moon urges you to refine and simplify things.  Get rid of anything extraneous so you can direct your focus to only that which is worthy of your attention, that is, what supports you in wholeness.

This may require you to make some deep structural adjustments both within yourself and in your external life, in order to create an environment that nourishes you.  Stay aware, and if you find yourself drifting into self-sabotage around these adjustments bring your focus back to your purpose and persevere.

This is a powerful time for refining and streamlining effectively by coming back to Earth.  Get practical!  Use this Virgo energy to separate what is truly useful and durable from what is unnecessary, excessive or even detrimental to your highest good.  Virgo supports you to cut through the excess and find the gem at the heart.

A cautionary word! Mars is influencing this Moon and may lead you to become impetuous.  As you plan ahead and set your intentions, be mindful of not being too hasty and jumping in too fast.  Mars can stir up challenging emotions and unresolved fears.  If you find yourself triggered pause, and ask yourself what’s behind the fear before acting out on impulse.  Just exercise a little caution here and draw on Virgo’s excellent attention to detail and it’s predilection for cautious examination before acting.

New Moon is a wonderful time to commit to new goals, and right now is a potent time to begin any new project requiring attention to detail.  It’s also an ideal time for addressing any excess, or clutter, in our life.  But we have work to do if we are to embrace the renewal and purification this New Moon offers.  Make time today to withdraw and turn inward to ask the important questions of your Highest Self.

As you formulate your intentions remember that under Virgo’s influence we are encouraged to create organised routines that support us in our daily life, and to address any shortcomings in our health and wellness.