Are you living in FLOW?


Signs you may not be:

❉ Regularly being late – out of alignment with what you really want to do. When you’re in the flow of life time flows with you

❉ Clutter – can be a sign you’re not clearing something from the past stuck in your subconscious

❉ Forgetfulness – you need to centre and get grounded

❉ Frequent careless accidents – missing things, perhaps the truth behind a situation,  and you need to look closer; could be ignoring intuition

❉ Breaking things – sabotaging your success; need to release control and surrender to flow

❉ Sickness – repeated colds or other infections might indicate you need to slow down and reconsider your direction and own needs with more self-nurturing

❉ Avoiding talking about something – often a sign you don’t want to hear the truth, or don’t want to take action on what you need

❉ Anxiety and stress – in specific situations, places or people question whether it’s the right place for you; change what you do so it’s aligned with what you want

❉ Can’t finish projects – ungrounded; projects not aligned with intentions; need to surrender control and believe in yourself to continue

❉ Boredom – not living to your potential