The last few years have been extremely challenging for all of us.  Where many of us had become totally immersed in the busy-ness of life, we were suddenly wrenched out of the life we knew, out of our routines, and forced to stop, to abandon plans and sometimes even our livelihoods.  We had to surrender to the uncertainty of the unknown, often unwillingly, and in that vacuum, to face questions about our beliefs, attitudes and practices, many of which we had avoided for a very long time.

For so many people this has brought up great uncertainty, frustration, anxiety and even fear which continues to this day.  Even when we can sense in our heart that this is a time of great change and major shifts, we can still easily fall prey to these feelings.

My guest in this podcast is here to talk about “Keeping Things Real”.  A Healer and Soul Mastery Facilitator, Jane Offer has been on a quest for the truth about life and how it works since childhood.  Already a trained teacher and counselor, she learned about the mind-body link during a search for help with her daughter’s ongoing illness. Later she went on to study, practice and teach metaphysics and healing under BAHA in the UK.  Together with her husband, Jane led training programs within the British prison system for both young drug offenders and women with life sentences, as well as continuing with her teaching and healing work within the general community.

Jane’s focus is on passing on knowledge to help others get well and live productive and fulfilling lives, and she draws on her vast knowledge of metaphysics, healing and counselling as she helps others navigate through the challenges they face.

As a worthy Elder of our society, Jane here shares a wealth of wisdom, insights and simple practices to guide us to reframe our challenges as learning experiences containing valuable opportunities for deep insights into ourselves and our world.



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