Are you a happy person?

Happiness is a matter of choice — not just luck.

Some people have a natural pre-disposition that fosters happiness.  Developing awareness of how you respond to emotional triggers can help you break apart limiting beliefs that keep you locked out of happiness.  But consciously choosing thought patterns, lifestyle, and interpersonal skills can certainly help people become an “epicure of experience”.

Some people are just naturally light-hearted. They are not bound by negative self-talk which leads to a pre-disposition that cultivates happiness. So they find it easy to always find the positive in their experiences. But many more people actually need to create happiness by consciously developing attitudes and practices in their life that promote positive thought-patterns.

So, just how happy are you?

Use this checklist to rate where your happiness levels lie.


How did you go?  Are you a happy person?

What steps can you take today to start growing your happiness?