The immune system is what protects our body from disease.  When it’s not working properly, we’re vulnerable to classic winter illnesses such as colds and flu, chronic infections such as herpes and Epstein-Barr virus (mononucleosis), and cancer. But keep reading for a way to powerfully boost your immune system in seconds.

In the depths of Winter our thoughts naturally go to whether our immune system is strong enough to fight off winter illness and keep us healthy over these cold, dark winter months.

Healthy food, gentle exercise, plenty of sleep and natural remedies such as herbs and vitamins A, C and D and zinc help fortify our immunity.

But there is one other very simple technique which is excellent for strengthening your immune system as well as making you feel happier when you have the Winter Blues.  This is known as the Thymus Thump



The Thymus Gland


The thymus gland regulates the immune system and is located in the centre of the chest beneath the breastbone (sternum).  It plays an vital role in the lymphatic immune system.  T-cells, the white blood cells that fight infection, originate in our bone marrow but they only mature in the thymus gland.   A weakened thymus gland can result in reduced immune activity. 

At birth the thymus gland is quite large, reaching it’s largest in adolescence.  After puberty it begins to shrink.  This shrinking is associated with many deficiencies of the immune system as the person ages.  It also shrinks when you are sick.

Think about the powerful image of a creature thumping its chest.

Before challenging an opponent a gorilla will pound his chest, stimulating his thymus gland.  Rubbing the chest under conditions of extreme stress also stimulates the thymus gland, your immune system, your heart chakra and your Central Meridian.

The word thymus and comes from the Greek word ‘thymos’ which means ‘life energy”.  While maintaining a healthy active immune system is essential to life, the thymus also has an impact on the higher energetic levels.


The Thymus And Central Meridian


Meridians are a network of channels through which the life-force energy flows through our body.  Disease is believed to be a blockage in the energy flow through these channels.

When these channels of a meridian become blocked the energy cannot flow freely through your body.  This activates points along the meridians which feel tender and sensitive when triggered or touched.  If these are not cleared and the meridian remains blocked it leads to physical ailments which turn into chronic disease if it continues to be blocked.

The thymus marks an important point on one of the major energy meridians of the body.  The Central Meridian, also known as the Conception Vessel, represents our deepest resources in life, and is intimately involved in the working and integration of many vital organs and fluids of the body.  When the energy of this meridian is not flowing strongly it affects almost every organ in the body.

When the thymus is in flow it contributes to maintaining positive energy and calmness, as it supports your health and vitality.



The Thymus And Heart Chakra


The thymus gland also affects another energy system of the body as it connects with the Heart Chakra in the centre of your chest.  Just as the heart chakra forms the link between the mind and body, and the material world and the spiritual realm, so too does the thymus gland form that same bridge.

Both physical and emotional disturbances such as acute trauma, stress or shock can affect the thymus gland causing it to shrink, depleting the vital force.

Many consider that the thymus is actually the location of an eighth chakra. Known as the Higher Heart Chakra it is the location where ‘intent’ originates.  This chakra provides the connection between the reason behind using language and the emotions of the heart.  It is also the gate to Higher Consciousness.

Having too much energy in this center can lead to martyrdom, feeling victimised, being overly empathetic or compassionate, or being ungrounded on the practical, mundane level.

An underactive thymus chakra carries difficulty expressing emotions, lack of compassion or self-acceptance, fear of spirituality, feeling bitter or betrayed, or self-centeredness.



How To Thump Your Thymus


Tapping, or thumping, the thymus is an old traditional practice that immediately makes you feel more calm and balanced.

It is done by gently tapping on the bone covering the thymus gland which creates vibrations that stimulate the action within the gland.  A weakened thymus gland can result in reduced immune activity, but this tapping action stimulates the gland and slows down atrophy and degeneration.

And it’s very simple.

Take a few deep relaxing breaths.

✦ Locate your thymus in the centre of your sternum (breastbone).  Many people know when they are in the right spot as it feels a little sore.

✦ Using your closed fist or three middle fingertips firmly thump or tap on your thymus about 5-8 cm along your sternum.  Vibrations right along the sternum bone will stimulate the thymus so don’t stress about getting the exact spot.

✦ Do this as long as it feels good, about 15 seconds is usually a good time. Sometimes I do this for three bursts of about 5 seconds with a 5 second gap between each.  Try both ways and do whichever feels better for you.

✦ Continue to breathe deeply while you do the process, in through your nose and out through your mouth.


Doing this three times a day keeps your thymus stimulated and prevents shrinkage, especially when you are under stress.


This is the perfect exercise to do first thing in the morning  to get you going for the day.  Or do it any other time you feel an energy slump throughout the day to fire up your energies, activate your immune system, boost your metabolism and recharge your batteries.  Avoid it before bedtime as it stimulates your energy and may keep you awake.

Thump more frequently if you suffer from low energy or anxiety, or when you feel run down and susceptible to colds and flu.

Don’t be concerned if you feel some pain as this is a sign your thymus is sluggish and needs to be stimulated.  You will find that after doing the thumps regularly the pain will disappear as your thymus strengthens.



Turbo-Charge The Thymus Thump


The Four Points Meridian Routine is an exercise I encourage clients to use to increase their health and vitality by clearing blockages and stimulating the energy pathways in their body.  It is based on the Eden Energy Medicine‘s ‘Four Thumps Routine’.  Including the thymus thump in the Four Points Meridian Routine turbo-charges the effect of both.


powerful immune system boost in seconds


  1. Tap under the eyes on the edge of the cheekbone.  This stimulates the Stomach Meridian connecting you to the earth energies to ground you. Grounding recharges your batteries.
  2. Tap under the points of the collarbone on either side of your throat, in the small dip between the collarbone and the breastbone.  This is a very important point in your energetic body and tapping here activates the energy through ALL the meridians of your body.  Stimulating this point  balances the thyroid, reduces stress and opens your lungs and respiration.
  3. Tap on the thymus gland in the centre of your chest to boost T-cells to fight infection.
  4. Tap between the 7th and 8th ribs right under (both sides) your breast.  This is right below your bra for women.  Stimulating these points helps release toxins, metabolise food and boost your immune system, activating both the stomach and the spleen.  These points are great to massage if you feel sluggish after meals.
  5. Tap on the sides of your ribs right at the point where your bra strap goes.


If any of the points are sore when you tap them it means you have a toxin buildup.  Massage them gently for a few days and the pain will ease as the toxins are removed.