Today’s beautiful Full Moon in Gemini carries expansive and abundant energy.  Under this Lunar energy open yourself to seeing new perspectives, with deeper understanding and expanded perception.  As you see things differently through new eyes, it becomes easier to see the silver lining and the gift in challenges, .

Lying directly opposite the Galactic Centre, this Full Moon brings powerful out-of-this-world energies.  Following on from the Solar Eclipse two weeks ago it shines light directly on whatever came up for you back then.  Engage your intutition for clear solutions and guidance about moving forward.

This Gemini Full Moon invites you to expand your mind and to see with greater awareness.

With Gemini straddling the bridge between the Material and the Spiritual this energy can support you to find balance between both, by viewing things in your world from both the human and the spiritual perspective.

Use the energy to release whatever is limiting you from expressing your True Nature, your Divine Spiritual Self, through your human form.


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