The Wheel of the Year turns!


Today Day and Night will be perfectly balanced to give rise to a brand New Cycle of a Natural Rhythm of Life. This is a wonderful time to pause and give thanks – for the harvest and all bounties of Mother Earth in the Southern Hemisphere where we enter Autumn, and for the abundant new growth as you celebrate Spring, North of the Equator.

Equinox is also a time to reflect on your personal journey, to enjoy the fruits of your soul growth and to contemplate the path that lies ahead of you.

While we have two Equinoxes each year, the March Equinox is particularly significant as it coincides with the birth of the New Zodiac Year. (See yesterday’s post for more on this)

Balance is the Keyword for Equinox: balance in personal and collective relationships, balance in taking and giving, balance between having and not having.

Many of the crises we experience originate in our demands to have TOO much of everything. In addition to creating misalignment with our own heart path and purpose, this leads to imbalance with the land and its resources, and to a distortion of dignity, justice and mindfulness in human relationships.

Our modern technical world has drawn us away from our awareness that we are an integral part of an interconnected living network and all of the life within it.

But it’s our responsibility to maintain a natural balance and harmony so that all life can flourish and be nurtured. Celebrate this time of balance and bring your awareness to harmonising your own earth walk with the natural world and all it contains.

The March Equinox represents a fantastic opportunity for you to consciously create your future.

Happy Equinox and balancing!