Through the ages ritual was always an important component of life.  But as life’s become faster with less time to spare ritual no longer plays a regular role in our lives.  While many important traditional rituals are no longer practiced, re-introducing ritual brings a deeper dimension to your life.

Daily life in many indigenous societies was governed by the cycles of the Moon.  Practising ritual at the New Moon strengthens your engagement with your Higher Self and connects you to the greater cycles of life.  When you set New Moon Intentions you create a pathway and point of focus for your Spiritual Growth

Setting intentions under the energy of the New Moon is extremely powerful.  Your intuition and connection with Source is stronger and clearer at this time.  Which means during New Moon you perceive insights and wisdom to guide your life with greater clarity than at other times.


Reintroduce Ritual Into Your Life


Rituals can be as simple or as complex as you choose.  This is a simple process that I found effective for my own practices as well as for Women’s Circles that I held for many years.

Do your ritual as close to the New Moon as possible for the greatest impact.  The Lunar energies increase for three days before the Moon is at its darkest, strengthening as they get closer to the exact minute. They then start to diminish although they continue for about twenty-four afterwards.

To find the exact time of New Moon where you are go here and type your city in the Search box.  You’ll notice there’s an exact time of New Moon for your city, which helps you calculate the most potent time to do your ritual and set intentions.




Create Your New Moon Ritual In Six Steps





  • Pen
  • Paper or journal
  • Candle
  • White sage or salt crystals (use sea salt or Himalatan salt)
  • Crystals or other symbolic and meaningful items.

Many keep a special New Moon Journal solely for their intention lists.  Writing your intentions in a journal creates a permanency and may strengthen your commitment to following the guidance you received.  Plus you can check back later to see how well you are manifesting.

However, some people prefer to write their Intention List on a loose sheet of paper.  This means they can do a follow up ritual at the time of the next Full Moon, when they burn or bury the list, releasing their intentions to Source.

Neither method is better than the other, and it is your choice which has a place in your ritual.  It’s entirely up to you to use whichever practice is in alignment with you.



Set A Sacred Space


Creating a sacred space is an important part of ritual.  It enhances your experience and also sets a framework for your subconscious.  By creating sacred space whenever you perform ritual your subconscious comes to recognise the cues, allowing you to engage with intuition more fully and deeply.

There are no prerequisites, but the space you create should be in alignment with what is meaningful for you.

Your sacred space may be in a special place, beside your altar, or in a garden.  You may choose to be outdoors to ground yourself and forge the connection between the Heavens and the Earth, above and below.

Place any symbolic items such as crystals, shells, flowers or feathers in your space.  Include anything that holds particular significance for you.  Include a candle as this forms part of the process.





Clear Your Sacred Space


Energy collects in any space.  The energy of emotions, words and actions hangs around so your ritual will be empowered when you clear these out before you begin.  White sage smoke is traditionally used to clear space.  If you don’t want smoke hanging around use essential oil space-clearing sprays, or sprinkle water with dissolved Himalayan salt around the area.



Tune In


To manifest successfully you need to be fully engaged with Source.  Trying to manifest from mind, your thoughts, brings limited success.  Your Highest Self knows what it is you really need and will guide you to that end.

Settle yourself and begin your breathing, releasing your thoughts and worries coming from your daily life with each exhale.  Go within to find flow with your Highest Self.  Ask to be guided to what it is you need to change, release or begin right now, for the highest good.  Ask to achieve this with grace and ease.  Spend as long as you need in connection with Source.

Then release all expectations.  Your Highest Self will guide you to what you need.  But the path it chooses to reach that end may not seem obvious or even related, to your conscious thought process.  TRUST.

This is where you must release expectations, trust and act on intuition.



Download Guidance


Once you have engaged and communed with Source connect with your heart. Place your hand over your heart chakra in the centre of your chest.  Place the other hand over your solar plexus above your navel to strengthen the connection.  Sense, in whichever way is strongest for you, the connection between the two chakras and the energy flowing between heart and mind.

Now dream big or small.  Nothing is too BIG and the smallest detail can be the biggest catalyst.

Trust.  Tune into your feelings and your senses as you download guidance and trust they will guide you to exactly what you need.  If you find thoughts intruding, gently guide your focus back to the heart-mind connection and feel into where you are being directed.

Write down any impressions, ideas, directions or pathways you receive.  Don’t question them, don’t judge them, simply allow them to appear and receive them with gratitude.  Accept you might not understand the purpose of each right now.

You may receive a number of intentions or just one.  There isn’t a set number, although limiting them to ten or less is best.

Take as long as you need to complete your manifestation list, you will know when you are finished.

Once you have finished writing thank your Highest Self.




Activate Your Intentions


Writing your manifestation list is just the first part of your ritual as writing creates the focus.

After you’ve completed your list it’s important to then energise your intentions by giving them ‘Voice’.

Before you finish your ritual state out loud that you send these intentions out to the universe.  Ask that they be manifested for the highest good.  Then simply read the items on your list out loud.  Give thanks.

Finally, close your ritual by thanking your Highest Self for insight, your guides and other helpers.

Your intentions may manifest quickly or they may take months.  But trust that once you have completed this ritual and chosen to set the intention in place the process will begin.



Remember, you can’t manifest from your thoughts, or by attracting things to you.  You can only manifest from Source THROUGH you.


Setting intentions from Source creates focus, which helps you recognise when your Higher Self sends you cues about what action you need to take next to fulfill your intentions.

Above all, enjoy your manifestation ritual