At some point everyone has felt stressed.  Many people live with chronic stress every day.  Often we don’t even realise we’re doing it because we have become so used to feeling stressed that we now consider it our normal state.  However, when we are continually stressed, disease transpires.

When we’re chronically stressed we feel on edge, make poor decisions, feel below par all the time, and increase our risk for serious chronic disease.

Sometimes we know we have pushed ourselves to the limit but we fail to notice the signals and signs within our body. Developing our awareness is crucial because it helps us notice the red flags and interrupt the pattern before we become too stressed .

Breaking apart old habits and behaviour patterns is difficult. Honing and refining our awareness, and increasing the sensitivity of our inner body is the key. It helps us sense and respond to our innate intelligence to maintain our health and equilibrium. In order to sever your bond with stress this awareness needs to become a part of your routine. The process is simple but it takes focus and practice. Doing a daily visualisation that connects you with your body keeps you grounded and healthy.

When you bring your entire focus into the present moment you ground your body, calm your nervous system and still your mind. When you take time to stop, disconnect, and go within to reflect, you reclaim equilibrium and reduce the negative impact stress has on your body, emotions, mind and soul.

This simple visualisation will help you carve out a few precious minutes in your day to go within, connect with the trillions of cells of your body, to bring you calm and stability.

Use this short visualisation every day to break apart the impact that ongoing stress is having on you.

Choose a time of day when you won’t be disturbed, find a quiet corner, close the door on the outside world, get comfortable and begin.



Now, don’t you feel more relaxed after that?
Isn’t your head clearer?