While we tend to think of wealth and poverty as being totally different to each other, they actually share a very close bond. Poverty and wealth are really just two polarising points of the same thought form of “money”.  If we continue to think of them as opposites, it’s a sure sign it’s time to change our money mindset and beliefs.

In an attempt to manifest wealth and draw money to themselves, many people use the ‘Law Of Attraction’ in their relationship with money.  But what they don’t realise is that if you’re using the Law of Attraction and ‘vibrating high’ as it recommends, you raise the vibration of ALL aspects of what you wish to attract – the negative things as well as the positive!

This means that at the same time you are thinking positive thoughts about having greater wealth and money, you also intensify the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts you already hold.

These may be negative ideas such as:

  • Money can’t buy happiness
  • There isn’t enough money to go around
  • I don’t deserve a lot of money
  • Having money is selfish
  • Wanting money is greedy
  • Money is hard to get
  • I’m not good with money
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • I can’t afford that
  • If I have too much money I’ll lose my values
  • I’ll never have enough money
  • My family has always been poor



The Law Of Attraction Will Likely Fail


Using the Law Of Attraction won’t change your deep, long held beliefs about money and the most likely outcome of trying to use it to manifest greater wealth is that your circumstances won’t change.

The problem is that a desire to manifest something by attracting it to you, comes from a belief that you are lacking in whatever that thing is, at this time.  Your lack is a negative belief that you hold which limits your ability to manifest the polarity, which is wealth in this case.  To create greater wealth we must come from a belief that we already have that money, that it already exists.  Which of course it does, in the energetic field.


To create greater wealth, we must come from a belief that we already have that money, that it already exists



Through Us, Not To Us


As the alchemist of your life you will want to alter this locked down state.  This can be achieved using a very different approach to the Law Of Attraction, one that is rooted in an understanding that we are CREATORS not attractors.

This approach is based on an acceptance that whatever it is we wish to manifest already exists and all we must do is create it in the physical plane.  We work from the knowledge that we are ALREADY wealthy.  So we live with that mindset, as someone who is wealthy.  Our consciousness is of wealth and abundance not of what we lack.

As creators we manifest through ourselves as a creative spark of the Universe, we don’t attract things to us.



Alchemical Manifesting


The power of this process lies in the preparation.  We prepare ourselves to break apart our limiting beliefs and replace them with expansive abundance.

Initially we must recognise, acknowledge and accept the limiting thoughts we are holding so that we can remove them to make space for the new way of thinking.  This is much like how, when upgrading your computer, you must first clear out the old program before installing the new one.

We do this is by shifting into neutral and allowing our consciousness to simply observe with awareness our relationship to money and our thoughts about it.  Just to observe what’s actually going on there.

Once we have done this we can then go in to break apart the beliefs that limit our interaction with money and wealth because we understand what those beliefs actually are.  And when you do uncover the deeper ones you may be very surprised.  I certainly was!


Awareness is a powerful tool to start the process of change and the breaking apart of limitation



Shift Limitation For Manifesting


To begin this process first shift your thought patterns into calm awareness.  Settle into a calm state and once you have found that peace, bring in the thought “money”.  Not anything about money, just the thought ‘money’.

Hold that thought pattern of money.  It may take some time.  When you give it enough time the dense thought form that holds the thought of money will be loosened and come to the surface.

You will start to feel things such as fearful, or uncomfortable, or angry, or even that it is stupid.  This shows you that you have begun the process to break that belief apart – that something is happening.

As the beliefs come to the surface you may feel it in your body as pain, terror, nausea or any other sensation.

The cells of our body provide a powerful memory bank, which hold our thoughts and memories as sensory impressions.  When these sensations arise in your body it’s an indication that the limiting thoughts are coming to the surface.

Continue to simply observe and bear witness to what arises. Don’t shift into positive vibration or negative judgement.  These are both polarities of the money thought that keep you OUT of balance.  Just observe and acknowledge what comes up.

As you sit with the thought of money notice the feeling and sensations in your body, thought patterns, and memories that come up.  What you notice are the key to you being able to transform your past relationship with money.  It will feel uncomfortable, but to transform these negative thoughts you must face the dragon.



Clearing Out The Dross


Because you are now grown-up and no longer a child, your aware observations will start to melt those thought forms.  You’ll be able to ask of each thought “is that the truth” and from a place of conscious discernment decide if it is, or if it is not.  And then, once you have discerned that, to clear the thoughts out leaving behind pure resonance.

As each of these thoughts arise you can decide whether every single memory, thought, emotion and feeling of lack or unworthiness is true or not, and whether you want to keep each of these or discard them.  You can engage with consciousness and one by one clear out all your limiting beliefs about money.

Eventually all you’ll have left are the beliefs that you want to keep, ones that are aligned with your true values, the ones that deeply serve you – beliefs about wealth and prosperity.

To actually transform these negative beliefs you need to commit and dedicate the time it takes to shift them, just as you would to an important relationship.  I have found this process needs to be done daily for at least nine days, sometimes more.  Every day something new will emerge and over this time you will uncover deeper beliefs.

At the end of each daily session it helps to write down in very big letters, what came up.  You don’t need to go into a lot of detail, just the main ideas.  Create a ritual around this for this each day by burning the sheet of notes to symbolise to yourself that you have released that thought about money.

Through this process you’ll create a whole new belief system about having and holding money.  One in which all the old limiting beliefs that prevented you from manifesting money and wealth are released.

ONLY THEN, after doing this process to clear out the old patterns, will vibrating high and thinking only positive thoughts be effective.