As soon as meditation is mentioned many people’s eyes glaze over as they think of a bunch of people sitting around for long periods contemplating ‘who knows what!’.

However, the impact of meditation on the brain is now known and it’s all great news, particularly for reducing anxiety and stress.

Meditation literally changes the wiring of your brain.

The area of your brain which governs ‘fight-or-flight’ and therefore fear, anxiety and stress becomes smaller with regular meditation.  This corresponds to lowered stress levels.

Research shows that regular meditation also brings greater focus, better sleep, enhanced memory and concentration, and improved immunity.

It also has an impact on cardiovascular function, asthma and skin conditions.  It even reduces pain levels!

You don’t need to sit around for hours in contemplation to meditate.  There are many forms of meditation and different ones suit different people.  The key is to find what works best for you and to practice that regularly.  Begin with five minutes a day and build that up to twenty or thirty minutes over time.

Meditation increases our tolerance to stress.  Mindfulness decreases stress.