Breath is one of your most potent spiritual powers – and it’s right under your nose!

Breath is the facilitator of Spiritual energy. It carries the codes of Creation, Cleansing, Healing, Motion, Birth and when it ends … Death. Without Breath – Life doesn’t happen.

Breath is the carrier of LIFE.  Life IS a POWER in and of itself that is crucial to our ability to thrive, create, transform and heal our lives.

And most people these days don’t have a CLUE how to do it.

Scientists have indicated that most people only use 10- 20 % of their lung capacity, so they have very little ability to generate or access the Chi/Qi/Prana/Life force that is essential to good physical health, balanced mental wellbeing and cognitive clarity.

Most people on the planet are suffering not only from an Oxygen deficiency because of their restricted breathing (which of course affects everything) but are also experiencing a Life force deficiency because of it. When you are low in Life Force it’s difficult to think straight, let alone have the energetic resources you require to create anything.

Discover how to breathe properly and efficiently to strengthen your Life Force.