What exactly IS Intuition?


Intuition is finally being seen as a valid tool for creating success.  When a billionaire or two (think Steve Jobs and Richard Branson) start to talk about intuition then it’s ‘game on’.  And that’s awesome!

But there are still some huge misunderstandings about what Intuition actually is.  And these can prevent most of us from being able to use intuition at its highest level.  Some say intuition is gut instinct, some say it’s rooted in the heart, some say it’s psychic ability.  In fact, it’s ALL of those things, and MORE.


Intuition IS Gut Instinct

It certainly is.  At its most basic level, Intuition is a survival tool.  The part of it based in the gut lets us know whether a situation, person or business opportunity is safe or dangerous.  This level of Intuition is powerful, but it’s not creative.  Its job is to keep us safe and secure, not make us successful


Intuition IS Empathy

Yes, for sure.  The soft, gentle face of Intuition can assist you to deeply sense and feel the energy from other living beings and even certain energetic situations.

This aspect of Intuition is based in the heart and helps you generate compassion, connection and communication with others, both physically and energetically.  It supports you to get the feel of a situation or person so you know how to engage or disengage.


Intuition IS Psychic Ability. 

Absolutely.  This is true as well.  Psychic ability can help you see multi-dimensionally.  But it’s probably more accurate to view this aspect of the Intuition that’s rooted in the Brain/Third Eye, as the Visionary Power of Intuition.  This is the one that’s most useful when we want to create a new reality because this is the creative aspect of Intuition.  It’s what helps us see new ideas and new approaches.  We use this aspect to come up with innovative ways to create solutions that can lead to success.

You can have ‘mountains’ of psychic ability, to be able to see angels and talk to dead people.  But if it doesn’t help you create a successful life, so what?

When we use our Intuition in a laser-focused way, the visionary aspect of it steps up strongly to help us obtain our goals.


Intuition IS Connection to ‘Source’. 

This is also true.  This level of Intuition, which is beyond the body, is rooted in the non-physical.  It could be considered our Soul.  This is the part that’s beyond time and space and it’s the part that can best guide us towards whatever destiny we choose.  It exists at a level of Highest Potential and is the part that calls us towards our inspired visions.  When we are paying attention, it is the part that reminds us of our authentic Spiritual and Creative identity.


Intuition isn’t just ONE thing.  It’s many things working on many different levels.  It assists you in many ways based on what’s happening and what you need at any specific time.

Each aspect of Intuition is essential to create success.  We need every one of them working together as a Whole to truly be successful in the game of life.

And the good news is that you already have them, all of the equipment essential to being that success.

  • Gut
  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Soul

All you need to do is get them working together and then, watch out.


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