Today Mercury goes retrograde.


“So what?” you may ask.

A few times every year Mercury appears to move backward in the sky.  These tend to be times of confusion, particularly in the transfer of information and any other form of communication. Decisions can become difficult to make and carelessness can rule.  For some it can even become a time of dread and fear.

On a mundane level it is a time to take extra care with important documents, money and personal documents or information.  It can create problems with signing contracts or making personal decisions.  Travel plans often go awry, although not many of us have that problem at the moment!  It is also a time when things break down, both cars, internet, phones or anything to do with communication.


But this is also a great time to reflect and reorganise. While Mercury retrograde can be difficult for all forms of communication it is excellent for accessing inner awareness.

Like all challenges, Mercury retrograde carries a lesson and a gift.  And we can choose to focus on the challenges at this time or we can choose this as an opportunity for growth, by going within to recognise and engage with these challenges.  The more we open ourselves to them the more we can integrate the lessons and gifts they hold.


Normally Mercury appears to travel forward, or direct, and these times are all about how we communicate with others. Mercury direct supports clear thinking and precise communication.  But when in retrograde all the Mercurial actions are reversed.  It’s influence shifts to the quality and clarity of our inner communication.  Retrograde Mercury asks how you communicate with yourself.  Is your inner communication loving and supportive?  Or is it more often harsh and critical?

Mercury retrograde also asks how you communicate with those around you, as well as how you receive information from others.  Do you need to refine your inter-communication to share your ideas and feelings more clearly in your relationships? How can you best share your story and your truth?


For the next three weeks, until October 19th, as we travel through this Mercury retrograde, take a moment in your day to observe how you communicate with yourself and others.  Then go within and meditate on the beautiful blue energy of the throat chakra of communication as you open to receive guidance on how best to refine your communication.