We are living in an evolutionary time of initiation which many are aware carries the potential to reclaim our humanity and reset a world which every day reveals more of its underside. As we pass through this energetic portal, we hold the power to choose to embrace individual and collective maturity to consciously reset our attitudes and practices and by so responding, to heal ourselves.

Humankind has lost many of the traditional rituals that surround the passage into adult maturity and as a result now flounders in stepping up and taking on mature responsibility.  It remains our personal choice whether we travel through the challenges of these times as children with a blind trust that we will be looked after, as angry and defiant teens, or responsibly as mature adults.  To respond in an adult way, one that honours our choices and ourselves as Sacred Sovereign Beings, we must willingly face the Dark, the Shadow in the world and within ourselves.

By claiming both our individual and collective maturity we can forge new ‘Pathways To Social Sustainability’ for the greater good of ourselves, the Earth and future generations.


Ancient Wisdom Within a Modern Context

For over twenty years my guest Tanishka, ‘The Moon Woman’, has made ancient wisdom accessible within a modern context, through empowerment events, five books, and mentoring women and men to reclaim greater levels of personal understanding, and personal acceptance.

Tanishka says we have lost direction and are now being pointed back towards living in alignment with the natural cycles.  Here she shares why reclaiming our original Human Initiation Rites and creating Sacred Circles can assist us to face our fear of change and support us to step into Spiritual Maturity.  Don’t miss this wisdom about how aligning with the natural cycles helps us to create sustainable lives.


This single podcast episode, recorded soon after the covid lockdowns, is split into two parts so be sure to listen to BOTH parts.


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