Today’s New Moon in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, invites us to explore the true nature of our relationships and whether they are in balance. Are they equal in giving and taking, fair in negotiation and compromise? It invites us to consider how we could do relationships differently.

This energy is healing, bringing expansive, harmonious and gentle energy. It invites us to focus on simplicity and the core of all things. Rise above the petty details to seek the pure essence of everything. Above all don’t allow your thoughts to reign over challenges and jump straight to the worst possible outcome of the situation. Remain calm, and focus on the truth. Keep things simple and light. Ride the wave if challenged rather than becoming submerged.

Jupiter shines its bountiful energy on this New Moon, illuminating the lighter, brighter side of whatever springs into our awareness. It urges us to look for the good in every situation and experience. Use this bountiful, expansive energy for manifesting your biggest desires into the physical.

September has seen the energies slow down with many of the planets in retrograde. As these retrograde planets illuminate what lies deep in the shadows, they bring us a welcome window for reflection and integration. This is a time to deal with matters from the past. Take time to carefully explore your inner depths before making plans or setting intentions.  Retrograde energy can create foggy thinking so if you find yourself beset by cloudiness, or making poor judgements, take your focus within, for this is where clarity can be gained.

Today, consider honestly whether you are living into Libra’s shadow through indecisiveness, overthinking or nitpicking. Tune into your intuition for guidance to make the best decision and reverse this tendency.

As you set your intentions under this New Moon, ask where and how your energies can best be used, especially in relation to the relationships in your life.