Are you curious about your Spirit Guide?


We hear and read a lot about the Spirit guide who walks alongside us on our Earthly 3D experience.  But for many people that connection to their guide can feel vague or hidden.  They may know, because they have been told, their guide is with them, but they may not have a conscious awareness of that energy.   But it may simply be that they have not learned how to recognise their guide’s energy.

You have always been connected to your spirit guide. But if you are one of the many who haven’t yet encountered their spirit guide, this meditation can help bring that connection into your conscious awareness by helping you recognise the way in which your guide ‘appears’ to you.

Contacting spirit guides can be a different experience for each person.  We each see our spirit guides in different forms. Some see them as human like figures while others see a glowing light or an outline of a person.  Others may even see an animal or an elemental.  Some people don‘t see them at all, but instead hear them, or feel them, or sense them in another way.

Don’t judge what you see or don’t see during this meditation.  When contacting your spirit guides, you will know that they are present.  Each person will have a very different experience because each one of us is different and unique.

Some will only be aware of one spirit guide while others will notice that they have more than one. This is normal.  Although we all have more than one guide, when we contact spirit guides it is natural that only one will communicate with us at any given time.

So, now that you know a little about spirit guides, let’s get on with the spirit guide meditation.





If you did not see your spirit guide this time, don’t worry. When contacting your spirit guides, some people may need a little practice.  Contacting your spirit guides is not a science and everyone experiences this event differently, so it is important not to judge your experience.

If you find yourself questioning what you saw or sensed, or even doubting whether you saw or sensed anything at all, go back and do the meditation again.  You can repeat it as often as you need in order to feel confident about how you sense your guide’s energy.  Each time you do it your sense of them should become clearer and stronger.

I hope that this guided meditation helps you in your quest to contact your spirit guide.