We all experience times when our lives seem to be out of balance, where we feel buffeted by the turmoil around us, or we feel we have lost our grip on control in our life.  Sometimes, in the midst of all this we can begin to shut down or fall apart.  We may start to feel hopelessness or resignation and to lose sight of the way out of the hole we’ve fallen into.  The irony of this is that the way out of this state is through going back along the path that led us within it.


Loving Kindness Meditation

The Loving Kindness Meditation is a particularly lovely meditation arising from the Buddhist tradition, that brings you gentle healing.  It also sends healing through loving kindness to those around you and to all living things on the planet.

It is a beautiful, peaceful practice that is guaranteed to clear your energy as you send loving kindness to all.

Used every day it is a wonderful self-care technique to reduce stress and boost your wellbeing.  When you use it regularly it will increase your capacity for self-acceptance, forgiveness, and connection with others.

While it is a gentle meditation, Loving Kindness may trigger resistance as it asks you to send loving energy to yourself and others.  But as you bring your focus to mastering the practice you will receive the many benefits it carries.

Many studies have shown this meditation can assist with managing chronic pain. It can be useful to manage social anxiety, conflict in the home, anger and the impact of stress.  It also enhances the area of the brain responsible for emotional processing and empathy.


Use this meditation regularly or use it occasionally as a ritual practice at significant points of the Natural Sacred Calendar.



How To Do Loving Kindness Meditation For Healing


  1. Create some quiet time for yourself.  Turn off the phone.  Close the door on the outside world.
  2. Sit comfortably.  Close your eyes and relax your muscles as you listen to the recording.
  3. After the meditation has finished just remain where you are with your eyes closed for a few moments until you feel ready to re-enter daily life.
  4. Carry the wonderful feelings generated during the meditation with you through your day.
  5. If you struggle with any step of the meditation, pause the recording and take extra time with that stage. And remember to also send yourself even more loving kindness as you move through it.


And now, make some quiet space to generate healing for yourself and others.