Intuition is an expanded intelligence, and our ability to use this together with perception allows us to find solutions to problems we might be having in any area of our life.  When it serves us we’re able to come up with innovative new ideas that nobody’s ever thought of before, that can deeply serve our mission.  Intuition helps us reduce stress, and it helps us communicate more powerfully.

In fact, intuition is an intelligence and wisdom inherent in every single cell of our body, all 100 trillion of them.  Each of those cells gathers information from the environment and feeds it back through our nervous system to provide us with guidance and direction.

Intuition is the ability to be in a certain situation and to be able to gather information from the environment to serve our needs and our highest good, both on basic survival levels and on evolutionary levels.  It’s a deep multi-faceted intelligence that can guide us to evolutionary outcomes.

It’s not magic, it’s intelligence.

Our task is to learn to recognise and trust intuition when it shows up.