Equinox is a powerful portal into higher consciousness.

It is all about balance, a time of equal day and equal night, the balance of light and dark, and so at this time we have the chance to invite balance into our lives.

Both Equinoxes are potent gateways, but the September Equinox marks the halfway point of the astrological year and a turning point where we can choose to realign ourselves with our purpose.  It reminds us of the balance we must find in duality in order to be whole.

In the Southern Hemisphere we can add this to the energy of Spring.  Spring also offers us the opportunity for new growth, fresh starts and new beginnings, just as we see in our gardens.  Allow the gardener tending their garden to be your guide.  Align with the Earth energy of now and contemplate what is happening in your life right now.  Notice the growth that has taken hold in your life and around you and identify where you can create greater balance for abundant growth.

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