These are times of upheaval and change where we are continually being challenged and forced to completely alter our perspective. In the midst of such uncertainty many are finding the combination of restriction and turmoil really difficult to navigate. When you’re feeling lost in your life and don’t know which way to turn next it’s easy to make poor decisions, or simply no decision at all. At times like this when you’re feeling lost in your life a pendulum can be a powerful support tool to create calm and focus to help you get through.


Dowsing is an intuitive technique used to find things and answer questions.  It is often done using a crystal pendulum and is an excellent way to access your intuition.


Dowsing has been used across the globe for thousands of years. In fact there are Neolithic cave paintings with people holding dowsing rods. Pendulums were found in the pyramids, and dowsing is practiced by remote tribes in Africa and Australia.


Energy lines criss-cross the whole globe and these, along with any other energetic and natural pathways such as underground water courses, can be accurately located through dowsing. Dowsing can also be used to create clarity and make decisions through carefully constructed questioning.


In the past dowsing was often used to find water and the image of the farmer holding a forked stick as he combs his land is a familiar one. It was also used to find gold, oil and other minerals. But the practical applications for dowsing don’t end there.


I was intrigued to learn from a client, a builder, that he always dowsed the land before he started any site preparation prior to construction, in order to locate the exact paths of electricity, gas and water lines. He said he had never once had a problem with accidently cutting through them on any job.




Dowsing Tools


Pendulums are the most common tool used for dowsing but they are just one way to practice the art.


Dowsing Rods

Traditionally forked sticks made from peach or willow trees were used to locate things in the land. But now it’s more likely two metal angle rods are used because they are more sensitive than forked sticks. The rods are held parallel to each other, loosely in each hand. Thinking about what they are searching for, the user moves forward until the rods pass over the energy point or feature being sought, when they react by crossing over or moving apart.

It takes a little practice to get the hang of them but as the builder explained, it’s a very useful tool once you master the technique.


Hand Dowsing

Some people dowse with their hand. They shake their hands while walking over the area being dowsed. When they’re over the right point their hands stop shaking. Body dowsing is an extension of hand dowsing where the body leans in certain directions depending on the answer, somewhat like a pendulum.


Pendulum Dowsing

For personal clarity and focus a pendulum is easiest to use. Small weights are suspended on the end of a short string and programmed before being used to indicate set responses. After programming the pendulum consistently swings in a way that indicates a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’ answer to simple questions.


Crystal pendulums are beautiful but almost anything that works for you can be used, it is simply a tool. All a pendulum needs to be is a heavy object on a length of string – my sister uses her car keys.



At different times I’ve successfully dowsed with all these methods, but I always preferred the pendulum. I regularly used one for years until I worked out a method of tapping my body energy to unearth the inner wisdom held within it’s cells to gain clear answers to my questions. I’ll share this technique with you in a video later in membership.




Is Dowsing Scientific?


In the UK dowsing was outlawed under the Witchcraft Act until 1958.  So it’s understandable that some people may still doubt its validity.  It’s easy to dismiss dowsing as woo-woo-fluff if you haven’t tried it for yourself.


However this doubt is unwarranted as many of the energies detected by dowsers can be measured with various scientific instruments.

  • Vertically rising emissions such as microwaves or positive ions have been detected by dowsers over underground water systems
  • The reception of a radio or TV placed over the point where emissions are detected will have very poor reception
  • A baby held over it will cry or be unable to sleep. Moving the baby away stops the crying immediately
  • Cats actually seek out these points to sleep – but who ever truly understood a cat!



Dowsing For Business

Dowsing is one of those things that draws wildly different viewpoints and much skepticism. So it’s interesting to discover how dowsing is used in the business world.


Chris Gozdik explains some of the ways dowsing is frequently used in the business and health world.

  1.  Search for gold and minerals.  It is also quite widely used to search for oil and gas, although some oil companies won’t admit they hire dowsers to locate rich oil deposits
  2.  Finding lost objects or missing people
  3.  Detecting geopathic zones.  This is a growing field.  Several European countries won’t give you a building permit without testing for geopathic stress first
  4.  Sexing unhatched eggs.  This one requires some skill
  5.  Dowsing the stock market.  A bit controversial – from what I gathered you get better results dowsing for trends.  It’s hard to find the truth.  I don’t think successful stock market dowsers would share their techniques with the public for obvious reasons.
  6.  Dowsing fruit and vegetables for freshness and contaminants.  Irradiated, sprayed or otherwise treated food will give very low life force reading
  7.  Testing for mineral deficiencies or surplus
  8.  Adjusting chakras


It’s also a useful tool for locating ‘hot-spots’ in your environment.  And of course there is the use for building site preparation.




Dowsing For Health


Pendulums are often used in wellbeing businesses to gain clarity.


Feng Shui consultants commonly use a pendulum to detect negative energy points in the home.  By dowsing they can locate the points to avoid placing a bed or chair because it could lead to illness or poor sleep.  Crystal therapists use pendulums to clean their crystals.


Many healers also use dowsing to obtain or clarify information.  I’ve used it to test the compatibility of supplements with my body, in particular to test the difference between one formula and another of the same vitamin or mineral.  One brand may be better than another for me, even though both are good for different individuals.





What Is Pendulum Dowsing?


I’ve often seen people newly introduced to pendulum dowsing, try out variations of the same question to ‘trick’ the pendulum and prove it doesn’t work.  They were always amazed that the answers always rang true no matter which way they asked the question.


While sensitivity to electro-magnetic energies explains one aspect

of dowsing, there is another level, a psycho-spiritual one, also involved


Asking a question of the pendulum enables you to access the truth you already know at some level but for one reason or another have not acknowledged or recognised.


Whatever is actually happening, the process allows for clear and creative thinking, and can provide focus when you feel confused.

Most people do not usually listen to their intuition, or follow their gut instincts.  Often they won’t even hear the intuitive sparks.  Whether you view dowsing as accessing your subconscious mind, your intuition, the collective consciousness, your Higher Self, the angels or God, if it allows you to tune into yourself and information not otherwise accessible to you, and to find clarity it has to be a very useful tool.



I will post a follow–up video demonstrating how to use dowsing tools and tips for getting the clearest results fast soon and it will be available to you in Membership.