Many people treat ‪‎stress like a badge of honour. – “I’m stressed out so that means I’m working hard, and I’m valuable“.

We convince ourselves that we’re a better person because we’re productive and use it as justification for our constant busy-ness.  We go into stress mode constantly to fit in, to look busy, to feel like what we’re doing and how we feel is important.

Without being aware of it, many of us have that belief on an unconscious level.

But this constant, chronic stress mode that most people live in keeps us locked down in patterns of the Self that prevent us from engaging with our Soul.  As things are changing minute-by-minute in the 3D World it has become imperative that we mature and shift into accessing our Quantum Nature if we are to continue to access our wisdom and shape our own reality.

When we dwell in stress, we disallow ourselves the opportunity to connect with our Higher Consciousness because we never stop long enough to sit in stillness and connect with our Soul – our Quantum Nature.

Because our Quantum Nature exists beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond physical constructs, we can no longer continue to wrap ourselves up in a big, warm, comforting coat of stress and busy-ness.  We have to move beyond identities such as the ‘valuable worker’ and begin to operate from the non-physical realm of consciousness.

In order to shape our ultimate reality of health, wellness, love, joy, creativity etc., we must let go those patterns of illusion created by our conditioning, which keep us rooted in Self.  And as we clear these perceptions, we gain greater access to Soul and Source.


Where do you stand when it comes to constant busy-ness?


Do you consciously CHOOSE to engage or to disengage with your emotional response?

Are you allowing that veil of illusion and conditioning (busy-ness and stress) to hide the ultimate reality and limit your access to your Quantum Nature?