At some time we’ve all experienced how connecting with nature reinvigorates us and makes us feel newly alive.  And we can all recognise the power of the natural world.  It’s very evident in the many different cataclysmic weather events we’ve seen over the past few years.  But we can also see the power of nature at it’s opposite extreme, when by spending even just the briefest moment in nature we are lifted out of our everyday responsibilities and stress and into an exalted feeling of possibility and flow.  But in spite of knowing of this power that it holds, all too often we get caught up in our lives at the expense of time when we could just BE in nature.

My guest on the podcast today has always immersed herself in the natural world simply to Be with, and learn from the Wisdom of Nature and the animal world.

Nicole Jacobsen is a bodyworker, reiki master and a meditation and yoga teacher who understands and teaches about the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual benefits of connecting with nature.  Through experience Nicole has learnt when we allow Nature to be our teacher not only do we deepen our connection to the Earth, we also deepen our connection with (our)self.  Nicole is here to talk with me today about how connecting with nature helps us to navigate these current, and future energies with greater ease and grace, by Breathing into the Wisdom of the New Earth to create calm and peace in our outer world


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