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    It’s my favourite thing . . . well certainly in my top 3.
    But I have never joined a Book Club because I like to dip in and out of books and usually have many on the go at once. Right now I’m reading 2 novels, a short story collection and 3 non-fiction. So as you might guess I’d find it difficult to stick to the ‘book of the month’. Plus, when a novel has really touched me I don’t always want to pull it apart and analyse it.

    In this group we have many who both read and are also interested in exploring the questions and ideas that books bring forward.

    And with so many great movies around and available to stream we need to include those as well.

    So, I think an INFORMAL Book & Movie Club would be perfect for us.

    You don’t need to keep up with anyone here. In fact, you can comment or ask questions in any thread at any time, even long after the post.

    Here’s how it will work.
    1. Title: Start your new post with a title, then the name of the book and the author, or as much of it as you fit in the Topic Title space.
    2. Write a review, comment or even just a recommendation like “I loved this!” in the post.
    3. Comment: If you have read the book add your comment to that thread. You can also comment even if you haven’t read it.
    4. Books DO NOT need to be about wellness or metaphysics! Any book that has engaged you is great, including fiction. (My husband insists on reminding me that “fiction isn’t reality, it’s just a story. But we all know that “stories” are always based on the reality of the human experience!)

    I’m excited about this and hope you’ll join me to share your love of books.

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