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    It seems as though every person I’ve spoken to in the last two weeks has reached the end of their tether as far as coping with continued lockdowns go. Here in Melbourne Australia we’ve had over 240 days spent in lockdown.
    Everyone has their own way to deal with lockdowns. While some see it as a time to rest and reassess, many others are now feeling anxious and hopeless, or angry at the continued restrictions.
    Even though Spring is here it’s hard to enjoy when you have no idea when you might get back to work or be able to open your business again, or whether you’ll ever be able to socialise or go out, or travel overseas.
    Until recently I haven’t found the lockdowns too bad as I was already working from home before they started and I live on a big bush property filled with trees, birds and even the odd native animal. But like everyone else I’ve now reached the point of fed-up. I’m sick of losing track of what day it is, of never seeing a different room or being able to visit friends.
    Even though we’re all doing whatever we can to survive this never ending quarantine too many people are now sad, weary and filled with despair as they see no sign of a light in this never ending tunnel.
    I use homeoapthic remedies for family, friends and clients to deal with these feelings when they get too intense. But everyone has their own ways of coping.
    I’d love to get a conversation going here with anyone who is interested about how you’re coping with this ongoing prison.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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